Thursday, February 15, 2007

Did You Know Cindy James?

Imagine my surprise when I recently received an email from a young woman, now living in North Vancouver, who had been a Blenheim House client of my sister, Cindy James, three or four years before Cindy’s mysterious death in 1989. She said, “Cindy told me there were really bad people in this world and that it’s normal and ok to be scared (little did I really know at 4) but that you had to place your trust in someone, anyone. She was my someone. I would like to thank you and your family for raising a daughter and sister that was my safe place. We were close. She came to scatter my mom’s ashes. She was at my baptism. She gave me strength and hope. I could go on for hours. I miss her as everyone does. … I have spent many years going over news clippings from her murder. I am firm that that is what it truly was. Murder. Cindy was the only person I would trust. Cindy gave me the faith to trust. I would love to give it back.”

Does that sound like someone children needed to fear? Would it surprise you to know a secret C-237 RCMP report had stated in 1986, “Conversation with a (Force) psychologist, who does not know Makepeace [Cindy James] but was advised of Makepeace’s history [7 years of threats and harassment against Cindy], finds the following:

“Makepeace … should be considered as a dangerous person around children. … Further, it was suggested that, because she works with children with behavioral problems (Blenheim House), the school should be notified.” Within weeks, Cindy’s employment at Blenheim House was terminated. It is outrageous to think that someone who never even interviewed or spent any time with Cindy, could come up with such a belief and that the police would act on that opinion as if it were a fact.

And I believe that when Cindy lost her job, the course of her life took a downward turn. This was something she never recovered from. Her kids, her job, and her coworkers were her lifeboats in a world of turmoil. Years later I would discover Cindy wrote about losing them--within the hidden papers I found.

This young woman who recently contacted me, haunted by dreams of Cindy since she was 10, wrote in an e-mail to me, "My dreams, she is sitting in her office at Blenheim House and she's petting her black dog saying that she's scared of people too and that it's ok. She repeats this over and over. Others are when she visited my adopted parents house and she was pushing me on the swing in our yard. In this dream she is asking me how the air feels, almost begging me to tell her it's fresh and cool. I truly don't know the meaning behind these at all. As I have said, she haunts me. Or maybe I feel the need to help her the way she did for myself."

If you have any memories of Cindy, or any information about her life and death, please contact me.

Melanie Hack
Author of Who Killed My Sister, My Friend
The unsolved mystery of the death of Cindy James

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried a psychic, I know it may sound crazy, but psychics have helped solved numerous cases. There is no way It could be a suicide, it has to be murder.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First off I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a sister. However, emotion can be blind sometimes. I don't believe it takes a forensic expert to see quite clearly that we are dealing with a
very mentally ill woman. I think the answer is obvious.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

watching tv earlier tonight I saw the case of cindy walker who was found dead, hogtied, and drugged in vancouver. rarely does something on tv cause me to pause like cindy's case has. I've never posted a message before, either. however, what happened to this woman made me take notice. what cindy went through must've been a living hell and for the police, media and others to scoff and deny she was being truthful is astonishing. for anybody to go through such horrorific events yet not disclose fully the details means to me that she was profoundly afraid of something and/or someone but was willing to shoulder it in order to protect her family. I believe someone was behind her nightmare, and whoever it was is a coward and a bully. too bad she gave into the manipulation. I doubt had she been completely forthright any harm would have came to her loved ones since people who make threats don't normally follow through-its nothing more but weasel type intimidation. why didn't the police have a woman stay with cindy for a few nights until a phone came so the female cop could have answered the phone to at least verify them? according to unsolved mysterys (the program I saw that featured cindys story)the police spent over a million dollars investigating her allegations. I was struck by the reporter whose comments were included in the broadcasts; his attitude seemed as if he had something against cindy. his comment about walking her dog late at night by herself-he said why would someone that afraid go out alone like that or something to that effect-I cannot provide an answer but I find it very brave of her (I wouldn't have done it), but it seems to me the reason cindy was able to go out with her dog...she was with her dog, hello? how far did she walk anyway? I know how a dog behaves when it needs to relieve itself-it can be incredibly persistent to the point of obnoxious. her friends were inside the house, too. that would have made me feel more comfortable about stepping out although I would asked my friends to go with me. however, it occurs to me that perhaps she got tired of asking people to be with her all the time. what it would be like to be terrorized like that, I have no idea. evidently the police have ruled out her exhusband (I wonder what their marriage was like), but could it have been one of her child patients who had developed some sort of fixation on cindy and when this person got older started to do something about it? her patients were afterall kids who were more at risk, right? I just don't believe anyone could be that mentally ill without it manifesting in other ways. hopefully the mystery will be solved and the perpetrators punished and the doubters better make a giant apology to the heavens since its too late to apologize to cindy walker.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the 1980's and how the police did not take stalking too seriously. There were no laws on the books at that time concerning stalking.

A decade later, stalking laws were passed. Stalking was taken more seriously. It's somewhat better now, fortunately.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy was not a mentally healthy woman. I knew her in 1985 through Blenheim House and I agree with the evaluation that she should not have been around children or mentally fragile adults. Whether this was due to mental illness where she thought she was being stalked or due to actual stalking, we will never know. The events leading up to her death did very much appear to be self inflicted, and those who worked with her eventually came to this conclusion as well.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a student at Blenhein House from 1983 - 1987. I remeber Cindy vividly, but remember she pretty well what she looked like. I don't really think she was a threat to children, when I was naughty (and often) The worst she would do was yell at me and tell me to go for a time out (I don't even remember her laying a hand on me)

The last thing I remember about Cindy was when we went out for an outing and we were told she was coming to visit us and she was walking towards us at the yard and she seemed ok, and mildly happy

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the program and said to myself "her ex is proberbly a policeman". I said this based upon my own experience of my ex who is a copper. He has used the system to label me as mental and escape detection for his own stalking behavior. His goal was to isolated me from my community by everyway possible. After going thru this I have no doubt your sister was murdered by someone with 'inside' knowledge.

I then learned her ex was a policeman! You may not get justice thru the legal or medical sense, but be safe in the knowledge that women who have been experienced DV at the hands of an vindictive ex believe Cindy.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Cindy as a customer in the years prior to 1979. I was a pharmacist reasonably close to where she resided with her husband,the doctor. I always found Cindy, an attractive petite lady, affable and pleasant to deal with. I would only go as far to say she was not any drugs that altered the mind. She was on an anti-anxiety drug, common to most people at the time, and nothing more. She came in with her husband, which I never found as friendly, but yet not appeared a scowlly type - he just had no personality. She was not a real regular customer-like every week-more like once every month or 6 weeks. I was then retired from pharmacy for a period of 8-10 years (as a regular practicing pharmacist).In 1989, I came back to the same area (store), she had moved since. Then I started to read about the stories behind her harassments, and finally her demise. I was shocked and saddened that this pretty lady, was tortured and tormented by 'something' imagined or factual till the end.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find so sad that most people want paint a picture that she was mentally ill and doing this to herself. I want to know what Dr labeled her as mentally ill. Could her devorice cause her some problems emotionally and mentally. What was her marriage like? What her ex husband like? Did she have history of mental illness? Why would the Blenheim house fire her for being a damaged to children? Was there reports on her behavior at Blenheim house? Who come up the c-237 RCMP report? What are the events leading up to her being fired? What is the history on Blenheim house could their be abuse from other employee's there? Did Cindy see something? Did she know something? All the investagting going durning her harassment. Nothing seems like it was really looked into. Why not tap the phone lines? Why try to convince everyone she was doing it herself??? There where clues there that got lost because of poor management of her case. That poor girl was murdered. Too many conflicting elements.. Plus where is the report proving she had a mental illness. Where is the Dr report saying she is mentally ill.? Why not as a police department bring in an expert to she if she lying.. I feel the police are responsible for her death. They where nelegant.. Look at the crime scene. Some many things where missed. Someone has gotten away with murder.. Hope Cindy James is in a peace place free from the evils of the world.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you missed something.. Who gave her the evaluation? How did they come to the conclusion she couldn't be around children at the Blenheim house? Was there other cases there of mentally unstable employees? Who write the report? What was going at the place you worked at? Where the children being taken care by the staff properly? Do you think Cindy might saw or heard something? Who was the psychologist that wrote c-237 RCMP report. Go back in your memory and see if there is anything you missed. Perhaps it is was it appears to be. I know places like these that turn out to be abusive to children. So do some one see Cindy harm a child? Please the more info the better

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like your sister was gang stalked. It's a covert operation that can mimic mental illness. The more she went down their rabbit hole, the more lost she became. In short, you can be set up for this if you unknowingly mess with the wrong people. Maybe Cindy discovered a pedophile ring at work or in the community, and this was how they silenced her temporarily. I say temporarily b/c we will all stand before God one day, and everything hidden will be revealed. I digress.

Gang stalking, community stalking, organized stalking is a living hell. You are slandered to any forms of support behind your back. Most lose their families. It's at this time that targets are at the most vulnerable. Getting institutionalize only makes matters worse. It's a many years for Cindy - 7-8? Even today, people are still left wondering....was she murdered or was it suicide by a very sick woman.

Being hog-tied? This reminds me of the case in California of the girlfriend of a rich tycoon who was alone with his 6 yr old son when the boy mysteriously fell down the stairs and died. The girlfriend was later found hanging from a balcony with her hands and feet hog tied. There was to a fight whether it was murder or suicide. Really? That case screamed murder. Oh, she was also found nude too, no dignity.

I warn you that gang stalking sounds crazy, the universal, shared symptoms will seem crazy. There is a lot of disinformation out there. There is even so substantiated documents confirming its existence. A police officer is on a news segment in CA claiming "gang stalking" is a growing menance. There is a lawsuit against the gov by an ex-contractor who had accidentally Googled a dangerous search term without knowing it, and soon his gang stalking nightmare began. He was able to obtain legal counsel and have some proof of the crazy harresent. The man even mentions the term gang stalking in his lawsuit.

Read warns against this kind of behavior.

I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful, intuitive, empath sister. I could tell she had a lot of light inside of her.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It sounds like she was mentally ill. The police spent over $1.5 million dollars on all of her combined reports and had as many as a dozen officers covertly placed about the neighborhood. Never once in hundreds of her complaints did a single piece of evidence, other eyewitness, or suspicious person become evident. Unless the stalker was Sherlock Holmes than I don't believe they could have gotten away with it. Even her last few days sound like the rant of someone who was ill. Claiming she knew who was behind it after all this time and that soon it would come to light but never telling anyone an actual scenario.

7:31 PM  

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